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Greenway Elite        $950

Fully equipped commuter bike.

Bicycling mag Best Commuter Bike 4yrs running!

Notable features at this price Comes ready to ride with all the add ons you would have gotten eventually anyway.
Hardware overview Shaped and butted aluminum frame and fork. Sram Centro 2x10 drivetrain and trigger shifters and linear-pull rim brakes.
Why we like this bike

Safety: from belted reflecterized commuter tires to built in generator lighting, it's equipped for safely navigating traffic.

Utility: premounted spring clip rack with built in tail light,full wrap fenders, quality frame mounted kickstand insure that you could load it up with groceries and make it home in one piece.

Balance: Neither super upright nor racing crouch, but a predictable touring posture for 30 mile country ride or around town hops.

Who is this bike for?

In the early 1970s you could buy a three-speed to knock around town on for pretty small money. There was always someone who would pay significantly more for the deluxe model with the built-in lights and the deluxe saddle. Those bikes were still heavy three speeds, same gear mechanisms, but just more, well, deluxe.

Fast forward to modern times. We have a customer who logs 4000 miles/year doing anything from co-op shopping to 50 mile road rides and this is the kind of bike that he has.

Sizes available small. medium, large, x-large




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