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Custom Rivendell Road Bike


Rivendells are usually customer-direct. This was a case where the customer put his trust in us to figure out what will satisfy him, so we served as the knowledgible expert go-between. He needed to have his handlebars higher to take pressure off his hands, but wanted to keep the classic look of his 1970 vintage Holdsworth. After we provided Grant Peterson at Rivendell with body and old bike measurements and an idea of what the rider was all about, Grant suggested a slick idea to raise the bar height significantly (it's nearly invisible, so we're not going to tell you what it is!). This is one beautiful bike and there isn't anyone else who has one quite like it. The owner rode it around the length and breadth of the state at age 66. Since that time he has suffered more problems with his hands and has had to make the radical stem change you see. Still riding, though.

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