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Greenway LX         $689

Quality commuter bike.

Notable features at this price Just an understated, solid quality bike with no corners cut.
Hardware overview Shaped and butted aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. Shimano Acera/Deore 27sp brake/shift levers, derailleurs, and linear-pull rim brakes.
Why we like this bike Most of the time you get a bike with the things you notice—like rear derailleurs—specified to be recognizable Shimano parts, and the rest of the stuff are passable, cheaper, no-name parts. You can save a lot of money on hubs, cranksets and brakes, in particular. This bike doesn't do that. It's all Shimano quality and is that much easier for us to build, adjust, and repair.
Who is this bike for?

A woman bought a Greenway Lx to ride down the dirt-packed West River Trail and up the dirt road that she lives on. She has been incredibly happy with her Greenway Lx. It's the perfect bike for her because it's simple, it's solid and it's comfortable. We would also recommend it for someone who wants to ride around town on paved roads or for a quick ride up Rt. 30.



Sizes available small. medium, large, x-large




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