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Hey, everyone, this page got hacked and we have to redo it. It'll come together over the winter. Give us a call if you need something!


Check out the Ranney-Crawford house for your foliage trip
(8/30/04) There are many good places to stay in Windham County, but special mention for cyclists goes to our friends the Glim family at the Ranney-Crawford House in Westminster. Arnie has been an avid rider for more than the twenty years we've known him, and has mapped out dozens of rides you can do around the county. Not one to be stingy, Arnie has generously published several of his cue sheets on his web site for your use.

The Ranney-Crawford House is very well appointed and you can see that from the photos of their rooms. Should you decide to make this your base and explore the Vermont foliage through Arnie's rides, you could do a different one every day for a week and you'd have to keep coming back for years before you'd ridden them all. Check it out at

BMH Century Ride A Success
(8/30/04) Cyclists do Brattleboro proud. We were too late to the start of the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Ride of the Century to be able to register, so we rolled out our super trailer-bike rig and joined in from Main Street. It was really encouraging to see well over a hundred riders tackle the 100K route, and also to see a bunch of other families with kids doing the covered bridge ride.

The organization was very good, from the pavement markings to the aid station munchies. We especially appreciated the friendly volunteers who made sure we had water and munchies aplenty — and who were already talking about next year! Congrats and thanks are due all around.

This ride was not put together to raise money for a worthy cause. It was a remarkable, all volunteer effort in the spirit of our famous Winter Carnival, just because our community deserves a good time doing something healthy. Just the kind of thing we need.

Curb Your Car Week 2004
(6/4/04) It's time to be counted! Keep track of the times you choose not to use a car this week and report your non-car trips to Windham Regional Commission on Saturday, June 12. It's important that Windham County take notice of people riding bikes and walking during this week. It doesn't matter whether you routinely do these trips by car or not, and it doesn't matter whether you commute to work by bike or not.

For more information, to get a trip log to help keep track of your trips, or to report your summary at the end of the week, visit

Windham Regional Commission,

Send Your Old Bike Stuff To Ghana!
(9/25/03) We are happy to report the good people at St. Michael's Episcopal Church are collecting old bicycles for shipment to Ghana. Following the advice and direction of the Bikes Not Bombs people in Cambridge, these bikes will be used to set up a mechanics' training facility in Ghana. In other words, they will be happy to accept all kinds of stuff that we affluent Americans consider obsolete and not worth fixing (but still fixable—please no trash bikes!)

Mark your calendar: The drop-off days are October 11, 18, and 25, and November 1 and 8. Volunteers will be on hand from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on those dates at St. Michael's Episcopal Church to accept your donation.

The Church is located on Putney Rd. and Bradley Ave., by the Common.

New Transportation Center To Incorporate Bike Parking
(9/20/03) How often do we have good news to report about the world of cars? Well, here's some very good news: the Brattleboro Transportation Center will have bike parking on both the Elliot Street and Flat Street levels. The Flat St. rack will be just inside the ramp entrance; we're not sure where the Elliot St. rack will be, but we've been assured there will be one convenient to the street.

How important is this? It shows that people in charge of getting things done around here have bikes on there radar screen. It also shows they are listening to us, since we proposed this at the outset of the project.

We like to think of a couple or a family cruising from somewhere along Western Ave. (say, Highlawn or West St.) down Williams St., parking a thousand dollars worth of bikes in the rack, and going out to grab dinner and a movie. The bikes will be well lit, under cover, with video surveillance, and right across the pedestrian bridge from the Coop and the Latchis. You'd never do that before now, would you?

That's what we call progress!

Book of 50 rides in our area

Bicycling the Connecticut River Valley
by Bob Immler
is the definitive book on touring our area so far. Talk about value for the money - have you ever seen a ride book with 50 rides? There are 25 paved and 25 dirt road tours in this book, spread around the three-state area, but mostly in southern Vermont.

$15.95 Call 800-272-8245 to order one now




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