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Blaze LED Headlights by Planet Bike


One of our customers asked us to get this for him a few years ago for a commuter light. Actually, he said, "order me one, and then keep them in stock!" We gave a lot of weight to his recommendation because he is a good customer and he commutes the 25 miles from Brattleboro to Greenfield, MA in all weather.

A 1-Watt Blaze LED headlight is easily more light than two of the LED lights you can get for around $20. It's even better than that, though, because it provides the kind of beam pattern you get from a car headlight. It makes a wide swath in front of your wheel so you can see the edge of the road and smoothly increases in brightness towards the center. It will light up guardrail reflectors 200-plus feet up the road.

Call us at 800-BRATBIK and we'll send your lights right out.

Continental Top Touring tires

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NiteRider MiNewt 150 and 250


Nite Rider makes a wide range of bike lighting, most of it good value, all of it high quality. These are their versions of the self-contained, handlebar-mount LED light. They are worth having because:

  • they have Li-ion batteries,
  • they are USB rechargeable,
  • they have smart chargers that won't overcharge your batteries and know when they're done,
  • strong, die-cast light housings instead of plastic,
  • digital power management means high- and low-beams and flashing mode for around town


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4-Bike parking stand
You need one of these. Stores four bikes of nearly any type at the same time as it organizes all your other sports gear.

$179.99 each

Kid riding a trail-a-bike

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The popular attachment that turns a single bike into an adult and child tandem.

Learn why we love these things so much.

Touring gear

Bags, racks, and other niceties for packing stuff around by bike.


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