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You can save yourself time and hassle by setting up your bike purchase here. Study up on the bikes and then either send us an email to hold a bike for 24 hours or call up and give us a credit card number to get the deal rolling. All you'll have to do is drop by to get fitted and ride it home!



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Our bikes come from Fuji, which is also the parent company for SE Racing, and Breezer. We are also dealers for Jamis, Surly, Soma, Dahon, and the occasional Bike Friday and Yeti. Electric-assist bikes come from American Flyer, Gazelle, Surface604, Fuji, and EG bikes. These makers have too many bikes for any one person to keep track of, so we have shopped the way you would to find the ones that make sense in Vermont. Of course, you are welcome to visit the web sites of these makers to browse all their offerings and we can make a special order from any of these suppliers to get what you want. We do not ship complete bikes from Web orders. These pages provide solid information so that we can spend more of our time with you fitting bikes and less time talking about it. You'll just have to come visit our one location in Brattleboro!


The great 2020 bike shortage
By now you may have heard that there are no bicycles available for sale in North America. This is true. The tariff wars were directly aimed at bicycles and caused a major upheaval in the usual schedule of design, production, and delivery. Bike makers wanted to wait out the higher tariffs and hope to get back to normal over the winter of 2019-2020, which is precisely when all Chinese production was shut down by the COVID19 outbreak. This means that you can see lots of 2020 bikes displayed on the makers' web sites but those bikes never got made to make it into the shops for you to buy. On top of that you have millions of people living in major metropolitan areas who are avoiding public transit and turning to cycling for transportation, so all the existing stock of entry-level bikes was sold out by early April.

We find that we can sometimes get three or four bikes at a time allocated from the East Coast warehouses. It's pretty hit-or-miss, so we avoid taking deposits for special orders when we can't be sure of delivery. If we have something that will work for you but isn't perfect, we advise that you buy it anyway or else be prepared to wait until the end of the summer or even 2021.

Here's a listing of all the bikes we have left.





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