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You can save yourself time and hassle by setting up your bike purchase here. Study up on the bikes and then either send us an email to hold a bike for 24 hours or call up and give us a credit card number to get the deal rolling. All you'll have to do is drop by to get fitted and ride it home!



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Our bikes come mostly from Fuji, but also from ProDecoTech, SE Racing, Surly, Soma, Torelli, Dahon, and the occasional Bike Friday and Yeti. These makers have too many bikes for any one person to keep track of, so we have shopped the way you would to find the ones that make sense in Vermont. Of course, you are welcome to visit the web sites of these makers to browse all their offerings and we can make a special order from any of these suppliers to get what you want. We are filtering all the confusing choices for you here to get you the most bike happiness for the least effort on your part. We do not ship complete bikes from Web orders. These pages provide solid information so that we can spend more of our time with you fitting bikes and less time talking about it. You'll just have to come visit our one location in Brattleboro!

About pricing and availability..

In the next few days we will reorganize this index to guide you through our bikes, but for the moment here's a quick breakdown of most of the models we'll carry in 2014.







Mountain Bikes —Hardtail

Nevada series: affordable, traditional mountain bikes

27.5-inch wheels

26-inch wheels

  • 2.1

Tahoe series: better quality trail bikes

27.5-inch wheels

  • 1.3
  • 1.5
Hybrids or Dirt Road Tourers

Traverse series (trail hybrids)

  • 1.3
  • 1.7

Crosstown series (bike path hybrids)

  • 2.1
Childrens' Bikes
  • All models


Road Bikes — Competition

By special order only

Road Bikes — Recreational

Gran Fondo series (carbon fiber frames)

Sportif series (relaxed-fit road bikes)

Absolute series (flat-handlebar road bikes)

Woman-specific fit
  • Finest Series
Breezer bikes
Mountain Bikes -Hardtail


SE Racing

Fat Bikes
  • F@E
Touring Bike
  • Long Haul Trucker
Cyclocross Bike
  • Cross Check

Other models by special order

Electric Bikes
  • Genesis
  • Phantom
  • Stride






Folding Bikes

Dahon makes dozens of models of folding bikes—the right tool for every job. Call for info.



Learn about bikes and their uses. We have encountered a lot of confusion about the names bike companies use to describe their bikes, especially the term "hybrid"...(more)



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