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Touring $1499    

This is a good, old fashioned, British-style tourer updated with 3x10 shifting and disc brakes.


Notable features at this price There just aren't any other touring bikes at this price. Please tell us if you find otherwise.
Hardware overview Reynolds DB Cro-moly frameset, Shimano Deore-level gearing w/bar-end shifters, TRP dual-piston mechanical disc brakes, Vittoria 700x35 tires. Thirty-six spokes in the wheels for greater strength. Comes with rear luggage rack.
Why we like this bike It really fills the bill for everyday getting around, some dirt roads, and it's the tool of choice for loaded touring. Room for fenders and at least 35mm tires (we haven't tried 38mm tires yet with fenders)
Who is this bike for? Riders who want to sit on it all day, don't need zippy handling, might want to carry packs or explore not-so-smooth roads, and don't want a fat-tire bike.
Sizes available 43,49,54,58,64 cm




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