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Unicycles        $115

Generic 20" unicycle.

General description


Frame - Chromed steel .

Other stuff - Aluminum alloy 20x1.75 rim, sealed ball bearings, quick release seat post clamp, saddle with scrape guards.

General unicycle info- This is your very basic unicycle that everyone learns on. If we cut the post down it can fit some pretty small kids - maybe nine- or ten-year-olds. It will go up to about a 32-inch inseam (as in pant leg measurement - not the body measurement) without needing a longer post.

The larger the wheel, the easier it is to cover some ground and really travel. The smaller the wheel, the easier to stand still (circus jugglers often have smaller wheels). We can order 16", 20", and 24" unicycles for slight variations in price. We usually keep a couple of 20s around. There are also trail unicycles, believe it or not. These come with much fatter rims and tires and can be ridden in the woods by very good riders. Click the photo for a larger picture.

Trail unicycle - colors may vary. Call for price.






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