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The original

This is a product we really believe in. We bought one fourteen years ago for our nephew(then eight) and began using it years later ourselves for our five-year-old. Name one other kid product that you can use from ages 2 through 10!

  • It helps teach a child to ride a two-wheeler, getting used to pedaling and leaning into corners;
  • It doesn't take the place of a child's own bike - rather, it extends what you can do as a family. Now you can do the child care bit and still take the ride you want to do (plan the food stops carefully!)
  • Attachments make it even more useful: baby seats and back supports for special needs kids.

Call us and order one now! We can ship anywhere in the USA.

Back support  
This is a rigid, padded, plastic back rest with wide webbing straps. It makes outdoor family fun happen for kids who can't hang on. We have shipped these to customers from Georgia to California.

Please note that this support is made to fit the seatpost of an Adams brand Trail-a-bike and is not supposed to be a universal fit. The seatpost on an Adams Trail-a-bike is 25.6 mm in diameter and the

back support clamp fits it snugly. It will not safely clamp down on any smaller size post without proper shimming and it cannot be sprung open more than perhaps 26.0 mm. In any case, we accept no liability for its use on anything other than a real 25.6 mm post. If the clamping bolt is made to work outside its intended range it can bend and snap!

At spring 2008 rates we can send one of these anywhere in the continental US for $12 shipping and handling (S&H subject to change).




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