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Is that...the 'ride-through' window?
(3/10/06) What happens when you try to ride a bike to a drive-through window? Bicycles are vehicles in all fifty states, right? It seems there's a lot more to this than you (or we) might think.

Bob, a recent Brattleboro immigrant, came to us for bike commuting gear in December. It seems he came to town, as many now do, with the intent to get around without need of a car as much as possible. One day near Christmas he rode up to the teller window at BankNorth on Main Street and was told to get off his bike and use the inside teller. Now, we all know that there is some hassle involved with locking up your bike and grabbing your stuff off the bike when you go inside. The teller at the drive-through did not know this. She did know is "company policy" not to serve pedestrians at the drive-through, so she insisted Bob become an unambiguous pedestrian and come inside. He complied, but not happily.

After several hours of research and calls to people like us and our friends at Vermont Bike/Pedestrian Coalition, Bob decided he was not crazy and decided to stand up. After hearing his arguments BankNorth decided they hadn't a leg to stand on (esp. considering the ADA and motorized chairs), with the result that he received the following letter:

"Dear Mr. D—:

Please be informed that you are allowed to use our drive-up facilities at 215 Main Street and 942 Putney Road on your bicycle.

Please be aware that pedestrians are still not allowed to use these facilities and must use the bank lobby.

Using the drive-up teller is done at the customer's own risk."


Corrine Sysun
Branch Manager

We feel this is a positive sign that bikes are now taken at least a little more seriously than they were, say, ten years ago. Stand up like Bob and be counted!


2nd Annual BMH metric century ride this Saturday.
(8/27/05) We have registration forms at the front counter for this Saturday's fun ride. Whether you ride 25K, 50K, or 100K, be at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital at 7 a.m. to register.

More info at


Douglas Administration Decides Against Pathway In South Hero
(10/2/03) The Vermont Dept. of Natural Resources, in a clear reversal of the Dean administration's pro-pathway orientation, has decided to reopen a section of rail trail to cars and trucks. The decision concerns a three-quarter-mile trail section historically used as a boat launch and proposed to be reopened to anglers. The problem is that opening this gateway (literally) leads to people driving out onto the causeway path where they don't belong. The general drift is to weaken the tenuous foothold of bike/ped facilities in favor of motors.

  • Learn more about this issue from today's article in the Burlington Free Press
  • call or email the Governor and the Dept. of Natural Resources to let them know there is a constituency for safe pathways.

Green Mountain National Forest Plan Public Input Meetings
(7/1/03) This is your chance to have a say in the GMNF planning process! The Forest Service gets public input by holding local planning group meetings in several different locations. The July meetings for the Green Mtn. National Forest plan revision will focus on trails in the Forest. You can check this out at the Forest Service website, and look at the .pdf for the various group meeting locations and times.

Visit the Saturday Farmers' Market by bike
(6/1/03) If you haven't experienced the fun and good food at the Brattleboro Saturday Farmers' Market, well, what are you waiting for? Music, crafts, flowers, and a big sandbox for kids to play in. The Windham Regional BikePed Committee is sponsoring a free bike parking area where volunteers will watch your bike for you while you relax and enjoy yourself. While you're there you can learn about the benefits of getting around by bike instead of using your car every time. We never take Western Avenue traffic lightly, but Saturday mornings are one of the few times when traffic is forced to slow to safe speeds and there is a County Sherriff right there to wave you right on in. Consider taking Williams Street along the Whetstone or Maple Street to Guilford Street.

Vote on your favorite restaurants and food markets!

Beat the parking hassle
(6/1/03) Talk about a vibrant town—Brattleboro has three bridge projects, a parking garage, a Thai restaurant, and a park being built simultaneously. This will continue from now through to September. There are only two sane ways to get to work downtown: walk or pedal. The good news, aside from the excitement of rebuilding our town, is that riding makes more sense now than ever. Traffic is slower and simpler since Elliott and Flat are one-way, and you'll chuckle to yourself as you watch all those cars looking for parking spaces. And remember, your good bike commuting habit will be rewarded when the Transportation Center is done, because it will have parking for bikes, too!

Volunteers needed
(5/24/03) We'd like to bring your attention to two Bike and Pedestrian fun causes that need volunteer help.

  • Bike parking attendants are urgently needed to do two-hour shifts at the Farmers' Market. This is really easy duty, especially as it requires you to be at a really fun place on a Saturday morning. Call Tim at the shop, 254-8644.
  • Historical Walking Tour Guides—this is more of a developing thing. The BikePed Committee, the Brattleboro Historical Society, and Building a Better Brattleboro have all tossed around this idea and nobody sees a down side. The Historical Society would be glad to train volunteers to lead these walks, all you need are the interest, the personality, and the feet.

At the moment, the very best thing we can do to acquaint visitors with a lot of good riding in our area is to point you to this excellent book of 25 paved and 25 dirt road loops.

Book of 50 rides in our area

Bicycling the Connecticut River Valley
by Bob Immler
is the definitive book on touring our area so far. Talk about value for the money - have you ever seen a ride book with 50 rides? There are 25 paved and 25 dirt road tours in this book, spread around the three-state area, but mostly in southern Vermont.

$15.95 Order one now




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