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Amtrak's Vermonter train carries bikes again!

We, the taxpayers of Vermont, bought train cars for the Amtrak system and called the train the Vermonter (check it out). Since our sadly degraded national train system no longer has people at most stations to handle baggage, lots of trains can't accommodate things you don't carry on. The Vermonter used to have custom built racks for bikes and skis so that the conductor could easily and safely load your bike, but that service was discontinued some years ago. It seems the older baggage cars slowed things down too much.

Well, Bikes are Back on the Vermonter! At least, some bikes. You really have to plan ahead because the train can only accommodate four bikes at a time. Book this service online when you buy your ticket.

Meanwhile, it is still possible to ride the Vermonter to Brattleboro and to rent a bike from us for $25/day. See our rentals page. The train will drop you off in downtown Brattleboro, in the back of the Brattleboro Museum, just three blocks from our shop. Please let us know if you make use of this, it makes a difference!




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