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COVID 19 Curbside service policy


Dropping Off
When dropping off a bike for service, we ask that you call us before bringing your bike to our store. We will get your contact information and ask you some questions about the bike and the problem. When you arrive please pull into the loading zone in front of the Mitchell Giddings Gallery and call us to alert us to collect your bike outside. When we see it we can make a quick judgement about the needed service and give you our usual ballpark estimate of repair cost. If we subsequently discover something else in need of attention we will follow up with an email or phone call before we do any work you haven't agreed to.

Picking Up
We'll call you to let you know when your bike is ready and to get your payment information. Let us know when you are coming to pick it up and we'll have it ready to roll out the door. Again, call when you arrive at the loading zone and give us a minute to wipe it down with alcohol before we hand it over to you. We are being told that the virus isn't very robust in the outdoors, so it couldn't hurt to leave your bike in the sunshine for a day!

Buying stuff
OK, this gets really challenging. We can't disinfect all the merchandise in the store, so we have to keep people out for the time being. If you need a tire or a pair of brake pads we can take your payment info and hand them out the door, but everything else is a discussion about fits, choices and compatibilities. For people who know their bike size or have previously been in bike shopping we have taken payment over the phone and done curbside pickup. Call and we'll figure it out!






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