Specialized Expedition Repaint #1



Summer 2005

This bike was purchased by a local man in 1987 or '88, if memory serves right. For those of you looking at touring bikes, this was a good example of what to look for in those days and they are hard to find today (see our touring bike explanation for the Jamis Aurora or Fuji Touring). The slack handling and ability to carry junk was really appropriate for this rider, who rode it across the country several years ago.

That experience was enough to convince the owner that a nicer bike was worth the money and a custom replacement was built. This Specialized was redone and passed on to a likely suspect (son) who has since done it justice with several comparable rides. After perhaps 20,000 miles and two complete component changes, it was time for a repaint.

The bike now sports a simple, metallic forest green color and no rust. Ready for the next 20 years!

Amazingly, we had another of this same bike in for the same reason this summer! (click here for the much flashier result).

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